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Modern scientific drug discovery

Modern science has shown that medicines work by affecting networks in our cells. These networks carry out all the biological processes in our bodies, some of which are changed when we are ill. The networks are formed by many interacting proteins. Medicines work by affecting several key proteins in the particular network that carries out the disease process.

e-Therapeutics finds new medicines for diseases that are still poorly treated. Our approach explicitly addresses the robustness and complexity of biological networks, and is designed to deliver new medicines efficiently for diseases in which there is significant unmet need.

Well funded

e-Therapeutics listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market in 2007. Since its flotation, the Company has received strong support from institutional investors, having raised more than $90 million in this period. The Company is well resourced to discover and develop multiple drug assets for out-licence at various clinical and pre-clinical stages.

Preclinical Assets

e-Therapeutics has several preclinical programmes. These include ETS2300, which has generated the most potent known inhibitors of telomerase in cancer; ETS2400, which delivered potent Hedgehog pathway inhibition in cancer, with and without binding to SMO; ETX1153c, one of the two functionally resistanceless antibiotics, for resistant gram-positive bacteria; and ETS3100, which yielded potent small molecule inhibitors of TNFα activity.