At e-therapeutics, we integrate computational power and biological data to discover life-transforming RNAi medicines.

We are progressing a pipeline of first-in-class preclinical GalNAc-siRNA candidates which target novel genes identified by HepNetTM, our computational platform. GalOmicTM, our proprietary RNAi platform, enables targeted delivery to hepatocytes in the liver and the specific silencing of novel disease-associated genes. A key therapeutic area of interest is the cardiometabolic space, where we have active cardiovascular disease and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis programmes progressing towards the clinic. Furthermore, we are pursuing promising hepatocyte-expressed targets in non-cardiometabolic areas, such as haematology.

In addition, we have the ability to accelerate, enable, and transform drug discovery for our collaborators in any therapeutic modality, leveraging HepNetTM.

Working with partners is an important part of our business model and we believe the combination of R&D efforts and domain expertise is crucial in driving success and more efficient outcomes for patients.

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  • Highly differentiated in-house preclinical RNAi pipeline 
  • Experimentally validated HepNetTM computational platform to enhance target ID and drug discovery
  • Proprietary GalOmicTM GalNAc-siRNA platform with an ability to silence any gene in hepatocytes
  • AI-enhanced data foundation, knowledge base, and network-aware analytical tools 

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