Together we can help patients faster

With leading expertise in network biology, a validated in silico screening platform and a unique functional genomics approach, e-therapeutics is committed to maximising the impact its proprietary technologies can have in transforming drug discovery.

We work successfully with partners to combine expertise across domains and can apply our cutting-edge techniques to partner datasets, either proprietary or public, in addition to leveraging our own databases.

Our projects typically run on accelerated timelines, progressing from concept to outputs in months. In NDD projects we produce drug-like compounds while GAINs projects lead to genetically-validated target nomination and/or to a selection of relevant compounds, based on improved understanding of mechanisms underlying disease susceptibility.

Our partners


In addition to platform-based partnerships, we are interested in collaborations around a number of internal projects and pre-clinical assets that are available for licensing, including those highlighted below:


We are exploring a unique approach to identify highly effective combinations of approved or known drugs that act on host systems and which could be rapidly progressed to clinical studies. We also have capabilities to identify novel chemical entities.

Immune checkpoint modulation

Small molecule modulators of immune checkpoint signalling that can be used in combination with existing treatments to improve patient responses and in refractory populations.

Tryptophan Catabolism

Novel modulators of tryptophan catabolism with a distinct mechanism and superior pharmacological characteristics for applications in immune-oncology.

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