We are ‘Computing the Future of Medicine™’, creating a new model that integrates computational power and biological data to discover life-transforming RNAi medicines.

Our diverse team is working collaboratively on some of the hardest problems in biology, chemistry and computer science, optimising as many steps in early-stage drug discovery as possible in order to rapidly create effective, specific medicines for complex diseases.

We are creating a company that is not only a great place to work, but best serves the most important beneficiaries of our collective efforts – patients, or in other words, our friends, our families, those suffering the consequences of poorly treated diseases in our communities and around the World.

e-therapeutics is a company where everyone has a voice. Where everyone values your experience and listens to your insight. Where you can have fun and freely pitch your latest bright idea.

It takes a certain sort of person to work here. Someone that is looking for more.  To be more excited, engaged and energised by what they do.  People that want to be more experimental. People that want to explore and enlighten. To contribute something extraordinary to medicine to create more effective drugs.  

People that want to be more.

If you want to be more contact us here

We are looking for a strategic and highly resourceful individual to own competitive intelligence (CI) activities across therapy areas and enabling technologies including AI. The role will support and drive activities across the value chain from early drug discovery to partnering, delivering insights that guide and future-proof our pipeline and overall strategy. The successful candidate will report to our Head of BD and CI.


e-therapeutics is seeking a dedicated Oligonucleotide Chemist to join our Preclinical Development team, contributing to our mission of discovering transformative RNAi medicines. This role involves the management of a network of CRO partners for synthesis, modification, and characterization of oligonucleotides, nucleotides, and nucleosides, supporting the preclinical team with the development of siRNA therapeutics.


You will explore and deploy AI-driven innovations across the board, supporting the implementation of the next generation of our computational drug discovery and siRNA platforms.


You will work closely with teams across the company to design, build, deploy and maintain new software products to aid drug discovery.


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If you are a talented individual interested in joining our dynamic team but there are currently no suitable vacancies, please contact us at careers@etherapeutics.co.uk