AIM Rule 26

Business description

e-therapeutics (AIM: ETX) is a drug discovery company with a proprietary technology based on advances in network pharmacology and chemical biology. The company is focused on the discovery and out-licensing of effective new medicines for bio-complex diseases. Read more.

Directors and committees

Details of e-therapeutics’ Board of Directors, including biographical information is available here.

A description of the responsibilities of the Directors and details of Board committees and their responsibilities is available here.

Country of incorporation and main country of operation

e-therapeutics plc is incorporated in England and Wales. Its main country of operation is the UK.

Current constitutional documents

The Company’s articles of association are available here.

Securities in issue

Details of the number of AIM securities in issue, the percentage of AIM securities that is not in public hands and the identity and percentage holdings of its significant shareholders are available here.

Annual accounts and interim reports

Copies of the Company’s annual reports and interim financial statements may be accessed here.

Notifications, admission document and circulars

Click on the links below for access to the following documents:

Corporate governance

Details of the Company’s corporate governance arrangements are available here.

Takeover code

The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.


Details of the Company’s nominated advisor and other key advisors may be found here.