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We integrate computational power and biology to discover life-transforming RNAi medicines.

Modelling and analysis of biological networks provide a novel approach to drug discovery that explicitly considers the true complexity of biology. By representing, as closely as possible, the biological systems we are seeking to disrupt, we increase the likelihood of identifying and developing effective therapies. Our RNAi platform enables the silencing of any gene expressed hepatocytes and the rapid generation of therapeutic candidates to prosecute novel target ideas identified computationally. 

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We have a powerful data-driven approach to drug discovery.

We model biology to better address disease complexity. We have a powerful data-driven approach to drug discovery and a proprietary RNAi genetic medicine platform. 

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We strive to address the lack of biological understanding to unlock key unmet medical needs.

Biological complexity remains the big challenge in drug discovery and development. We have developed a solution to enable better discovery and target identification. We harness this differentiated capability with our proprietary RNAi therapeutic platform. 

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Annual Report 2022

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Working at e-therapeutics offers the opportunity to make a difference by discovering life-transforming RNAi medicines in a new way.

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