01 August, 2022

Filing of eight patent applications on proprietary GalNAc-siRNA technology and target related innovation

e-therapeutics plc (AIM: ETX; OTCQX; ETXPF), a specialist in computational drug discovery with a focus on developing RNA interference (“RNAi”) therapeutics, today announced the filing of eight further patent applications in the United States (“US”) to protect innovation arising from e-therapeutics’ proprietary GalNAc-siRNA technology.

The Company uses its proprietary GalNAc-siRNA technology to silence any gene in liver hepatocytes.  As announced on 26 October 2021, e-therapeutics’ GalNAc-siRNA constructs have demonstrated compelling in vivo performance in terms of depth of gene silencing and duration of action. 

The eight patent applications relate to innovation arising from the Company’s work on its pipeline of pre-clinical siRNA candidates in several therapeutic areas and include innovation around novel target ideas and associated disease-relevant biology identified using the Company’s computational platform, novel siRNA therapeutics and novel siRNA chemistries associated with such siRNA therapeutics. 

This news follows e-therapeutics’ announcement on 4 May 2022, as part of its year-end results statement, that eleven patent applications had been filed to protect proprietary and novel GalNAc-siRNA silencing construct designs.


Ali Mortazavi, Chief Executive Officer of e-therapeutics, commented:

This second announcement of significant patent filings within three months demonstrates fast and meaningful scientific and technological progress. It also reflects our commitment to protecting the Company’s proprietary innovation, which forms a critical part of our strategy as we continue to make material steps in developing a computationally driven in-house pipeline of highly differentiated RNAi medicines at speed. Our computational platform not only affords us an important advantage in drug discovery, but also in IP strategy, and we are leveraging this position in our patent applications.