e-Therapeutics uses a revolutionary computer-based platform and expertise in network biology to create completely new treatments for complex disease. 

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Our commercial business is growing and we are innovating our varied and convergent technologies.

In addition to internal discovery programmes we have existing partnerships with Novo Nordisk and a US-based top-five biopharmacetuical company and we are expecting the number of collaborations to grow. We are looking for talented scientists to join our team. Please get in touch at contact@etherapeutics.co.uk if you are interested.

e-therapeutics has built a unique, network biology-based platform that facilitates a new approach to drug discovery, turning the traditional, target-based, "top down" approach on its head to address the challenges inherent in treating complex disease. The platform has been validated through the development of in-house assets in demanding areas such as immuno-oncology and neurodegeneration and our recent partnerships with Novo Nordisk and a top-five global biopharmaceutical company are the first in a series of collaborations exploring other new frontiers in medicine.

This focus on complex biology sets the company apart from others in the field, and for scientists excited by solving fascinating puzzles in high-impact disciplines, e-therapeutics provides unique challenges and opportunities for development.