Our strategy

Our business strategy is focused on maintaining and continuing to develop our novel and proprietary in-silico drug Discovery Engine and on the application of the platform to the discovery of innovative preclinical drugs with the potential to address areas of significant unmet clinical and commercial need.

Decreasing cost – increasing speed

Traditional pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are looking to decrease the cost and increase the speed and productivity of their drug discovery activities. Our in-silico drug Discovery Engine is targeted at helping them achieve this goal and we therefore anticipate significant interest as we illustrate the effectiveness of our novel approach.

Innovating with informatics

A new generation of informatics-based companies are looking at ways to use technology to redesign and “disrupt” the traditional drug discovery process. In addition to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, we are also targeting these companies because we believe our computational platform will be seen by them as an important innovation in this space.

New and better drugs

We also use our highly productive drug Discovery Engine to develop internal, preclinical drug discovery programmes for industrial partners looking to acquire or in-license such assets. This approach should generate revenues in the form of upfront payments, progress based milestone payments and ultimately royalties on sales.

Focus on partnerships

Our business development focus is to demonstrate the value and utility of our approach to potential partners.  Because of our novel methodology, we believe there is potential to enter into several different types of collaborative partnerships and agreements in biotech, pharma and informatics to create sustainable mutual value.