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Our ambition is to help revolutionise the treatment of disease through the establishment of our Network-driven Drug Discovery ("NDD") methodology.


Clear Need

The return on investment for pharma companies has been rapidly declining for decades to a level where it is already below the cost of capital. This is clearly not a sustainable position.

Traditional approaches to drug R&D have not delivered. Despite all of the conventional wisdom regarding a 'target-driven' reductionist approach, the industry is still plagued by major, hugely expensive late-stage clinical failure.

Something is clearly wrong with the industrialised approach to R&D. Pharma companies traditionally take a top down approach to drug discovery, seeking a target without considering the whole of the disease network. Therefore, the disease may fall back on alternative paths or the pathway targeted may only be part of a complex network.

We need new approaches to embrace the inherent complexity of biology.

NDD provides such an approach, enabling a novel and productive method for the discovery of new medicines and enabling advances in areas which have previously proved intractable. 


Clear Solution

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Clear Plan

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