What we do

Accelerating drug discovery with a novel view of disease networks
By combining biological expertise and our powerful computer-based platform, we create and analyse network models of disease to identify likely proteins that could effectively be disrupted to treat the disease. We believe that our approach more realistically reflects the true complexity of disease, with its multiple and often interconnected cellular pathways.  By modelling and analysing disease networks and considering the pattern of connections between proteins, and not just single pathways, we more efficiently select the very best drug-like compounds for screening and for subsequent medicinal chemistry and pre-clinical testing.

This is our Network-Driven Drug Discovery ("NDD") method.

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Shortening discovery time and reducing costs
With our novel methodology, significant numbers of active molecules can be identified and tested quickly. This gives benefits in terms of both cost and time.

Using our NDD platform, we use the latest mathematical and data analysis techniques to augment and interrogate the vast amount of biological information currently available in both public and private databases. We review our database of many millions of compounds looking for those that have the specific features necessary to disrupt the disease. As this process occurs ‘in silico’ using advanced modelling techniques, we can interrogate all the available data and identify the best compounds that match the optimal profile. 

As this part of the discovery process is performed by powerful computers it is both faster, less expensive than traditional approaches, and can explore avenues not currently feasible with experimental techniques.

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Creating new and better drugs
By addressing this complexity of disease, we aim to discover more efficacious drugs more effectively. By using more biologically realistic, cell and tissue-based assays we can choose and design compounds that are more likely to translate into better, more clinically efficacious drugs.

The approach we adopt and the compounds we discover assist companies who want to speed up their own discovery activities, reducing their investment of time and money and ultimately advancing public health by bringing effective drugs to market more quickly. Our approach is highly productive and consistently generates hits that have been progressed into potent, selective and novel drug molecules. 

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