Our approach

Seeing the bigger picture of complex diseases

Cells contain many different molecules that interact in complex networks.  These networks are vital to normal (healthy) function and play a central role in disease.

Understanding the interactions in these networks is challenging because of their huge variety. However, our methodology, which combines our expertise in biology and our powerful computer-based drug Discovery Engine, gives us a better understanding of these biological networks enabling us to see the bigger picture of complex diseases.

By modelling and analysing these networks, we can more effectively identify multiple prospective drug candidates with the potential to disrupt disease.

We do this in a novel way: we draw from our comprehensive library of millions of active compounds, and then use other cutting-edge techniques (including AI) to select the very best drug-like small molecules for screening in real biological conditions. These conditions as near as possible reflect the disease network we are seeking to disrupt, to increase the likelihood of finding effective compounds.

A highly productive approach to drug discovery

Our unique methodology is highly productive and, in new discovery projects across broad areas of biology, it consistently generates hits that have been progressed into potent, selective and novel drug molecules.

This means that for our partners, we can offer active compounds that offer the promise of bringing drugs to market more quickly and cost effectively – helping resolve some of the world’s greatest disease challenges.