Network-driven Drug Discovery (NDD)

Our NDD platform is essentially an in silico laboratory in which we can carry out millions of experiments in a very short amount of time and translate these into the new generation of effective medicines. Here is how we do it:

Industry-leading hit rates to enable translatable drug discovery

Finding drug-like molecules whose biological effects translate into human disease is the most critical step in the drug discovery & development process. Failure to ‘translate’ is a key reason for expensive late-stage attrition. We draw from our comprehensive Al-enhanced library of over 15 million compounds and use sophisticated mathematical and big data analysis techniques to match drug-like small molecules to our networks based on their potential bioactivity. Our ability to predict active molecules effectively enables the use of complex, realistic and highly translatable phenotypic assays in early screening in a way that is not otherwise feasible.

By addressing the complexity of disease with our powerful NDD platform we aim to discover more efficacious drugs more effectively. To date we have identified effective compounds at industry leading hit rates in projects across a variety of areas of biology. This is our contribution to bringing better treatments to patients faster.

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