Aims and Strategy

e-Therapeutics’ aims are to discover and out-license effective new medicines. We have a strong balance sheet which enables us to plan for the optimal point at which to out-license our drug assets to maximise returns for our shareholders whilst we recognise that there are, at present, opportunities for much earlier stage out-licensing of candidates for certain indications.

Our primary focus is on cancer, with an emphasis on immune action and therapeutic resistance, along with antivirals. The primary focus on cancer reflects the fact that these diseases are biologically complex, are increasingly prevalent with age, often incurable and in many cases severe. These characteristics mean that the drugs addressing such diseases represent high-value licensing opportunities. Our preclinical stage projects include:

  • ETS2300, telomerase inhibition in anti-cancer
  • ETS3100, small molecule anti-TNFα
  • ETS2400, Hedgehog pathway inhibition
  • ETS5200, broad spectrum antivirals

We also have other programmes with a particular focus on immunotherapy in cancer and on treating therapeutic resistance to modern ‘targeted’ therapies in cancer.